Equiformance was formed by a physical therapist qualified to work on both horses and people.

Seeing the need to provide therapy and massage between appointments to continue the therapeutic benefits of the treatments and maintain the optimal progress we decided to source the best physical therapy and massage equipment for you and your equine athlete.

We are committed to providing horses and other athletes with the best products to complement their dedicated training schedules.

Keeping muscles in good condition lowers the risk of injury during exercise as well as helps to speed up the recovery process in the event of injury.

Massage therapies can be used to treat a wide range of concerns and have been recognized to improve physical and mental well being.

Therapy also assists in increasing joint mobility and flexibility as well as being an important part of post operative care. These products contribute to improved circulation in both the circulatory system and lymphatic system,allowing for increased flow of oxygenated blood which enables muscles and tissue to recover faster as well as rid the body of excess lactic acid which can impair performance.

Clients have also noticed improved locomotor function.

Our range of products have been specifically chosen for the benefits they provide,and are easy to use and travel with. This allows them to be used in a variety of locations. They will become an integral part of your wellness and training programme.

Physiotherapists,veterinarians and sports therapists confidently recommend these products and often incorporate them into their own practices. All the product ranges conform to international health and safety standards.

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