Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps

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Soft & Comfortable Magnetic Stable Boots

  • Sold in pairs and includes 4 movable clinical grade VITAflex magnets
  • Ideal for horses and ponies that suffer from arthritis or are recovering from injury
  • Ideal for horses with tendon problems, splints, navicular, bone chips and general knocks, bumps and scars

Do not apply Vitaflex® magnets on open wounds, bruises, areas of inflammation or for the first 5 days following steroid injections. Reason: Magnetic fields dilate blood vessels and, hence, increase the flow of blood

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When to use Magnetic Chaps?

For horses who suffer with arthritis
When horses get fluid filled legs in the stable
For horses who are recovering from tendon problems, splints, navicular, bone chips and general knocks and bumps
When on box rest or stand in for long periods of time
For horses in high levels of work to encourage repair
Ever wondered how Magnetic Therapy works?

The body’s cells have electromagnetic properties which means they can be energised by a magnetic field. Magnetic Therapy encourages blood flow and increases cellular activity in the body however, magnets in themselves, do not heal. When a powerful magnet is placed against the body, cellular activity is increased, and this in turn increases the rate at which cells regenerate and repair.

How does Magnetic Therapy help horses?

Magnetic therapy can help to increase the rate of healing when treating inflammation, swelling, stiffness, muscle cramps and the symptoms of arthritis. Using magnetic therapy can help the horse recover more quickly from injury or a chronic condition.

Why does Equilibrium use Vitaflex® magnets?

Vitaflex® magnets present two alternating poles to the body, negative and positive, making them different to normal Neodymium magnets, which present only one pole. These strong, circular and permanent magnetic fields of alternating poles sequences penetrate deep into the body tissue keeping the cells in an active regenerating state.


We advise to avoid use:
  • On mares in first trimester of pregnancy
  • On Open wounds
  • On New Injuries (first 72 hours)

Anyone who has a pacemaker fitted should avoid handling the Magnetic products

Magnetic Chaps should not be used for 72hours after a horse has had joint injections

Please always consult your veterinarian or physical therapist before use.
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