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Epiony Thermal Wand

The Thermal Wand has been designed and developed to be

Recoup Cryosphere

Recoup Cryosphere Combine the benefits of Ice and Massage

Epiony Heat Pad

The Epiony Heat Pad has been designed to

Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps

Soft & Comfortable Magnetic Stable Boots Sold in

About Equiformance

Equiformance was formed by a physical therapist qualified to work on both horses and people.

Seeing the need to provide therapy and massage between appointments to continue the therapeutic benefits of the treatments and maintain the optimal progress we decided to source the best physical therapy and massage equipment for you and your equine athlete.

We are committed to providing horses and other athletes with the best products to complement their dedicated training schedules.

Our Focus

Our focus is on physical therapy and massage for the horse and rider.

All our products have been tested extensively internationally and are currently used by some of the worlds top athletes,human and equine,in various high level competition.

Our aim is to provide our South African community with proven,effective products to support them through their own training and wellness programmes, as well as assist in their recovery after injury,surgery or just as part of a maintenance programme.

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